After 2 years my ex is starting to contact people close to me why?

2 years of not speaking or not seeing each other, my ex has been in contact with my brother and his girlfriend on Snapchat and the past 3 days she has started conversations with my best friend on Twitter (the one I was always around when we dated. And what makes it weirder someone pointed out to me she always speak to my best friend after I say something to him. )

its ts been two years I honestly don't have any hate or anything for her, I've moved on but if it came down to it I'd accept a friendship with her.

but why after two years is she orbiting around people I talk to, she didn't talk to any of them for 2 years either.

is this her trying to get back into my life or something


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  • It might be it. She might want you back and she might hasn't moved on either. Everybody misses their exes at times. Its normal. I think you should just talk to her and sort the things out. I feel that she's just missing you and the moments spent with you.

    • Thank you for the reply. I will talk to her but since she was the one ended things I feel she should be the first to reach out.

    • If she was the one to end the things then yeah she should start first. But since she is not, tell you best friend to ask her if she misses you.

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