Your something special? What can it mean?

Hi there's this girl who I am in love with i tried to be her boyfriend before but she had to friendzone me because she wasn't read...(she was stuck on another guy) and I was cool with that I love her enough to be her friend lately things have been a little flirty but confusing at the same so the other day we were having a friendly conversation and she asked me if I remembered what her favorite comedy movie was and I immediately responded with the correct answer and said exactly what she said that day she told me it word for word and after that she told me that I'm something special... and I don't know what it means so ladies and gents I would love to get your take on it


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  • Its just a compliment. If she likes you more than a friend there will be others signs like touching, asking about details about you, touching the back of her neck, playing with her hair, feet pointed toward you. Stuff like that.

  • you can't be sure what she means by that just yet. For now just take things slowly and continue with what you are doing so far. Maybe later on you can make a proper judgement.


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