Does you boyfriend do this?

Whenever I spend the night my boyfriend stays up all night. He will stay up until 2:30 am to 3 am. He keeps the lights on and the tv on WHILE HE SLEEPS ! Or he will continue to play games and watch tv at 2 am even though I have to wake early in the morning. But if he has to go to work everything is shut down in respective of his job. It irks my nerves to where I don’t even want to spend the night anymore. I’ve already expressed to him that I need to go to sleep. But he won’t turn his fucking game or the tv off 😑😑


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  • He needs to take care of you as well, he is being self centred!!!@
    Talk tp him i guess, but honestly that is a trait which will later affect your relationship as well...
    Take care😊

    • Yes I totally agree. He’s asked me to move in with him once. But after seeing how he does when I spend the night I don’t think I could live with him. I’d constantly never sleep in the room. Or on the couch. I’d never want to be near him

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    • Okay... hope you two do well in the future and the best happens to you😊
      Best of luck!

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  • I think , there is a glitch in ur relationship... May u HV done something, or is there anything which he is upset about..

  • Have you spoken to him about it. Some people are just not as emotionally aware and need prodding and enlightenment


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