Girl troubles help me out?

Hey guys I just wanted to get your help am a guy that always seem to struggle with talking to girls I try my best to confident and funny but it never works out in the end, help me. ( don't roast , looking for honest help/opinion)


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  • The problem is with the part: 'I try my best'. If you try your best to be confident, you are not really confident, and unfortunately, girls tend to notice that.

    I would personally suggest you to try talking with strangers first, before you try talking with girls you are romantically interested in. Say hi to that old lady in the elevator, or ponder about the weather with someone at the bus station. It makes talking with people you do not know come more naturally, which will make you seem more confident, and if those strangers do not like you, there is really no loss here.

    The important part is to not overthink it, when you are having a conversation with a girl. After that, there are just two tips I can give. Tease the girl a little bit, and remember to initiate some sort of physical contact (something as innocent as touching her arm can be enough).


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