Im a dude who can't get laid (whatever it is you're thinking I know) and ots starting to affect my mental health. What should I do?

So here's the context. So I'm 21 now which means I have been experiencing this for about seven years now. I have a unbearably painful desire for sex most of the time. It usually results in anything from mild dysphoria to suicidal intentions. I crave it when I wake up and especially before I go to bed. I have tried nearly everything and anything and it has only gotten me to lose my virginity to a girl who I was in a very fun, however spotty relationship with when I was 19. The road to that event its self also proved painful, but I feel that as a result of losing my virginity the problem has gotten worse.

For the sake of time I will list all the things I have tried.

1. The just be friends method.
You wanna be in a relationship and take it slow right? Sweet me... And I'm in the "freindzone"

2. The PUA method
Honestly this one did help a lot with my social anxiety at first, but at the same time I had a friend who I would go out with and encouraged me to practice. He then got into his own relationship making him drop the PUA thing. Then continuing on my own made me feel like I was a huge creep.

3. Let's cry together method.
Girls have feelings? Cool me too. So let's try to induce deep conversations about how sad we are.
Wait you're crying and I wanna cry. This is terrible.

4. The RX method.
Who let's party! Let's use drugs to cover up feelings of anxiety desperation and loneliness. Weed and alcohol child's play. Let's use opiates, because they release 1000 times the amount of dopamine than during sex according to science. So it should be like having sex 1000 times. This is a bad idea for obvious reasons.

5. The breadwinner method
Reasearch shows that girls are attracted to success and uniqueness. You can't expect to get a girlfriend with all that free time. Also don't start doing stuff just because you wanna get laid. Do things you wanna do so you're life is more interesting. Ok so I joined so much stuff that my life is mostly work. I barely get enough sleep.


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  • Hmmmmmm just be patient. You might run into a very sensitive and emotional woman who really loves the fact that you're a virgin.

  • Maybe sex toys would help you better at this point, for stress relief.

  • If you crave sex that much go get a happy ending or pay a hooker


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