Honesty? Why is it that all women want is honesty but when you tell them they get mad. Or when you meet someone?

Trying to be honest and let them know that you just got out of a divorce and have 3 kids they run? At what point is it honesty or lies and what do you do to make that choice?


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  • because i am not willing ot date single mothers and i am sure some girls dont want that either. you being honest you should except this result not everyone will accept that kind of arrangement and why the hell is your age 17? i mean dont tell me its a mistake...

    • Ha ha it is I'm 28

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    • I invested 7yrs of my life to my wife.. and I love the shit out of my kids so it's kinda hard not to bring it up

    • nah i mean girls you recently met. women get bored of routines ( 7 years with kids ) she probaly wanted to feel excitement again and went out to start her young life over ( meaning sleeping aorund) . i understand that you bring them up unintentionally , the nhow about you sotp looking for a relationship and look for hookups? shallow convos and just get sex. women to me dont like baggage ( they themselves come with so much already)

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  • There is that saying about having too much of a good thing... Can't really lay all your cards on the table like that and not expect a bad reaction. Its a slow process man. Also if that age is right ooo boy.

  • Divorced and 3 kids at 17 is going to ring alarm bells. I would appreciate your honesty but not want to take that on.

  • Women wanna her what they think just with deeper voices.


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