Why do girls just ditch me after the first date?

The issue isn't that im not who they think i am, we snap a lot befor meeting (for up to a month), but for some reason, even though i just act like i normaly do, girls never want to see me after the first date, and now I've met a super interresting girl, extremly attractive (literaly losing sleep over her), and im scared as hell she's just going to walk away, like the past 5 girls. She says she likes me, and she seems to like talking to me (she starts talking out of nowhere sometimes). But these have happened with the other 5 and I don't know why there walking away from me, and what i can do to keep them interrested in me


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  • Maybe you are subconsciously doing something to put them off.. What do you talk about? How do you dress?

    • I'd try to talk about what that girl specificaly likes, or subjects she knows something about so she can talk as well and its not just a one way conversation. And for what i wear, we never do anything really fancy, but i still wear something clean, like on of my polo ralphlauren shirts, but id have worn those shirts while snaping as well so im not comming out of nowhere with these fancy clothes

    • @Asker you sound pretty alright to me but I dont know what seems to be the issue for them.

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