Guys, What is your definition of someone that is a mean partner?


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  • A mean partner... would be one who makes zero effort to make you happy. Doesn't care about your feelings. Especially when you are very hurt.

    My ex would say I didn't care about her feelings... truth is I did but I would explain to her why she shouldn't feel that way because my action didn't not mean how you interpreted it...

    • What would be an effort to make you happy?

    • I am a very easy person to please... an example of my ex not making me happy would be this.
      She went on vacation alone to a gaming event with a bunch of guys... I trusted her. I told her these exact words "Babe, I want you to know that I trust you but I also want you to know it hurts me to see you hanging out with guys without me".
      We were constantly texting back and forth and as soon as I said that she stopped responding.
      All I needed was this - "Babe I love you, you're my only and that will never change"

    • A simple text.
      I called 1 hour later and she didn't pick up.
      I called again and her first response in text was "please dont call im busy right now im on the main stage."
      That killed me... because instead of saying that why didn't she reassure me everything is fine?
      She then after that said "i love you, im sorry im busy ill call you when I can"
      She did, 7 hours later. So I felt good when she told me that but after 7 hours passed that feeling of her being around other guys slowly crept back on me.
      So when she called me i brought it up again and we argued. She was like "what i can't hangout with my friends?"
      I said no... i just want you to know how I feel and some reassurance... we ended the phone conversation calmly and everything was good.
      I texted her and said these exact words
      "I love you babe, thanks for telling me you're going to be drinking, I trust you now go have fun and dont stress over this!!"
      She sent a sad face back.
      She cheated on me the same night.

  • The one I'm with now. If she swears at you constantly, never leaves you alone, doesn't trust you, calls you names, raises her voice and questions your every move, that's a mean partner

    • Then why don’t you leave her?

    • Thats easy to answer, break ups are hard. Thats why people stay with people who are abusing them.

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