Would he marry me if I wasn't a virgin?

I am 22 and I started my sexual life three days ago with my boyfriend and now fiancee. He was my first real boyfriend. Before him I dated a single guy but never got exclusive. So this makes my fiancee the second guy i ever kissed. I am not a socially awkward person, nor I am an ugly girl, i was just too preocuppied with studies and career and I never really had lots of friends ( only 4-5) because talking about make up and clothes and boys made me bored. But I did get along with everyone. I met this guy who is a university teacher.. he teaches at the ubiversity im studying at... but he is NOT my teacher. I am a psychology student and he is a biochemistry teaacher. He is 31. He said i am a very beautiful and smart girl and after i also told him I am a virgin he wanted to get very serious with me. And now we are getting married. Do you think he loves me or its jsut the idea i am yong, smart and beautiful ( as he sees me) and... was a virgin until 22
Would he marry me if I wasn't a virgin?
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