Girls, I am 27 and a virgin and have never dated a girl, am I loser?

I guess I suck in the looks department and also suck in real life..
I get nightmares that I might end up in an arranged marriage with the girl having mustache..


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  • Well first off- I wouldn’t be to quick to discredit yourself in the looks department. That right there in itself could be part of the problem...
    Secondly, being 27 myself... I wish I could erase all the drunken, soon-to-be-forgotten about fucks that I’ve had in my life up until this point. As a 27 yo you have more sense about what it is you want in life and I think that your predicament should be respected by any female that you decide to get to know.


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  • I know this already has MHO, but I wanna share an opinion anyway.

    It doesn't automatically make you a "loser" per se, but it's not normal. People will comfort you and tell you it is but they're lying. Now, not conforming to a norm isn't always a bad thing, but it can (in some cases) be reflective of issues you have that you've failed to address, and as such you're now caught in a downward spiral as you're losing your self-esteem along the way.

    Rule number one: Be realistic. Too many guys/girls who hold out on dating and sex for as long as you have almost always build relationships up in their head. They convince themselves they won't "settle" for anyone who isn't a perfect 10 in looks, who never argues with them, who never does anything that they may not prefer. You have to accept that you may not be the cream of the crop and be willing to look past natural human flaws.

    Rule number two: Don't value anybody more than yourself. I notice this happens a lot with men mostly, but they build women up in their minds to be above them and forget that they have personal worth as well.

    Rule number three: Address your issues. If it's social, self-esteem or an extra 5 lbs you could lose, then work on that.

    And finally, rule number four: Start putting yourself out there. Never just think that life will drop a perfect partner in your lap. You're going to have to approach people, talk to them, and be brave.

    Just kidding, one more rule: Don't take rejection as a failure. It happens, it's natural, not everyone will like you and sometimes people just reject others because of their own shit. Don't place so much value on a girl saying 'no' and think it means you're the scum of the earth.

    *end rant*

  • Being a loser and being a virgin aren't correlated in any way. Eveything has its appropriate time and probably yours isn't right now. And arranged marriages aren't that bad in my opinion. People might think im crazy for saying this, but I've always thought that arranged marriages, with the right people can be full of bliss and love. The idea of falling in love with someone that you are married to, is something that seems very fun because in some way it defies the usual love and then marriage sort of arrangement. By the way, if you really are against arranged marriages, you should probably start befriending more girls. Id like to add that, first you should learn to love yourself. If you think you are lacking somewhere, then just try and improve yourself. Instead of looking for love, better yourself and love will come looking for you. Best of luck. ☺

    • That's a really nice and matured response.. :)

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    • she* won't

    • Thats the spirit. Whoever judges you for something as little as that, is not worth it anyway. In my opinion, sex is something that people can get better at with time. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone was once a virgin so i dont understand why some people think its a crime to be a virgin whether you are a guy or a girl. Yes i agree that you shouldn't go out looking for girls. Dont force anything. When you are ready, it will happen. Work on yourself, build your empire right now.

  • Awwww poor you... but to be honest u might end up with such a girl... now its a time to fetch some courage n start knowing some girls yourself.. talk to them, go out on dates and start focusing on yourself...

  • No some are older before their first time esp those waiting for marriage


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