Should I try dating apps or wait and work on myself first (details in description)?

Because of some reasons like having a social anxiety disorder and things never really working out, I've never been in a relationship. During the last couple years I just sort of gave up on it and just started focusing more on other things in my life.

Now I finally reached professional help to my mental problems and my studies are on a short break so I have time on my hands. Two of the therapists I've seen suggested maybe trying a dating app and said I would be pleasantly surprised. At first I felt I wasn't really ready and felt anxious about it, but during Christmas I've started to feel that maybe it's time to get some feelers out and try.

I'm not exactly in a situation where I'm a desirable bachelor with the whole depression and social anxiety thing, going to therapy and my life being in a pause right now so I don't know, if I should wait to try the dating app thing later. So long story short, do you think I should wait and work on myself or do it now?


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  • I would say keep working on yourself.


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  • Social Anxiety Disorder shall be control by itself.. otherwise Borderline could be in occurence..


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