Should I reach out next month again?

I went on a date with this guy back in the summer (I asked him out). We had a nice time and I thought it went well. He talked a lot and was really funny. After that, I went back overseas for college and he's known I'd be back in December but we hadn't made any plans to meet. However, we'd keep in pretty good touch via email. Yesterday, I sent him a message letting him know I'm back and that I'd like to see him sometime. His response was that he's in France (his home country) right now but that he'd be back at the beginning of January. He didn't agree that we should meet... Does it sound like he's willing to see me again or wants me gone? I don't mind either way, but if he's not interested in continuing to see me I don't want to seem like I'm trying to chase him because I'm not.

Should I reach out next month again, or forget it?
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I decided to keep in touch and reach out next month to ask if he can meet.
Should I reach out next month again?
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