My boyfriend of a year and a half barely posts about me?

I post pictures of my boyfriend and I on Instagram every month or other but he rarely posts about me, ever. For instance, we went to Pittsburgh one night and he posted a picture of himself in a sporting goods store. I posted a picture of us on Christmas and he didn’t. On twitter he deleted all of his tweets and responses to everyone else’s tweets, including mine, and his profile pic is him and his friend and his twitter backdrop is some TV show. He’s had an insta since February and posted with me twice (mainly bc I got mad that he never did) all of his other pictures are him. I don’t know how to bring it up to him without sounding weird but I can’t help but feel like he doesn’t truly want to show me off. He never posts Snapchat stories of us or just me either, but he’ll post with other people. Again, we went to an indoor botanical garden and I posted a pic of us on my story and he posted a pic of a tree. Do you think this is worth mentioning?
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Everyone is taking this question the wrong way. All I want is to be shown off once in a while. I’ve never even met his friends and I would just like to be seen as his girlfriend which rarely happens
My boyfriend of a year and a half barely posts about me?
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