I hate my girlfriends best friend?

It's not fair to her and it's not fair to me and I said this to her. Her best friend actively talks shit on me and says she doesn't like me because I apparently my girlfriend in the past when we used to date. I tried meet her to clear the air and she called me a jackass to my face. I kept my composure and kept it cool but it was just offputting in so many ways. She's younger and it just came across as juvenile. So here's the catch, they hooked up a month prior to us being exclusive which is recent. They did it for a threesome and now they want to go to a party out of state for New Years for four days where they originally had plans to hookup with someone else.

Im cool af with stuf like this usually but this is pushing my limit and there's honestly nothing my girlfriend can say or do that's going to makw me more comfortable. She's willing to cut off her best friend and that but I don't feel it's right to me or right to her. I told her I look at her best friend the same way I do as a guy and the fact that they fucked and had plans to fuck again before we were exclusive doesn't sit with me right at all.
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Because I apparently hurt my girlfriend * in the past. She's also reassured me that it was nothing
I hate my girlfriends best friend?
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