Three great dates, went back to my place on the third date and slept together. Does he still want to date me?

So I started seeing a guy I met online about 3 and a half weeks ago. We went on two great dates, did not do anything more than hug. Definitely had a connection. He was always texting me almost all day everyday unless he was at work. On our third date we had dinner and hung out at this restaurant. We kissed and of course there was amazing chemistry. We continued to walk around town and make out sporadically. We decided to go back to my place, not my usual speed but I wanted him bad and vice versa. We had sex several times and it was truly amazing. He stayed the night and we had great morning sex before he left. He immediately texted me and we have been texting almost nonstop since. His texts are usually of a sexual nature though now. When he does send me sexual texts he calls me his and is very possessive, which is totally fine with me, hot actually. We do have another date set up but I fear he may just want sex now. He has mentioned a few times that “the other stuff is great too” but if feels like an after thought. Do I just need to wait and see if he wants me in more ways than one? How do I make it clear that I want more than sex? We’ve talked about how we are both looking for a relationship but I feel like we may have goofed up any chance we had by having sex too soon. I feel like the fact that he still talks to me all the time is good? I feel like I’m too old to be worrying about this crap haha.
Thanks in advance.
Also, forgot to add that he has not logged onto the dating website we met on since before we went out last.


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  • Well now that you guys have had sex he is of course going to want to have sex with you as much as possible but that's just how new relationships are.
    The fact that you have a date set up rather then just a booty call it sounds like he is interested in getting to know you more and seeing if you guys are boyfrind/girlfriend material.

  • On the next date get into more of a hangout in someplace you guys can talk but can't jump into sex. You'll find out whether it's just about sex or not. Be good with convos.

    • Yeah that’s my plan. I want to arrange it at a place that’s not close to his place or mine either and maybe something when the sun is still up haha.

    • 😂 LOL. Tell me how it goes will. 😉

  • Take him Zoo or Jumpping.. for knowing reality of the person..


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