I met his parents. Now what?

This guy and I have been exclusively dating each other for almost 2 months now - Last night on Christmas day, he invited to have dinner with his family. Although I thought it was too soon and I was really nervous, I did it anyway and met his family.
Since we haven't defined our relationship yet, he introduced me as his "friend". I was fine and got along with it. His family were shy but very hospitable and warm, and I tried to mingle despite the awkwardness in the room. After a while, he suggested going back to my place and we said goodbye to his family shortly. His mom said that she hopes to see me soon and gave me a little gift, and my boyfriend was strangely quiet the whole time. When I asked him on our way back if he thought they liked me, he replied "Yeah They like having guests over".
What does this all mean? Should I just treat meeting the guy's family as a big deal or not? What should I do next? Thoughts?


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  • The most telling part was his mother hoping to see you soon. If they are shy, all of them may have issues declaring when it is a relationship and not. Just go easy and enjoy yourself.

  • Normally people who are dating who takes their significant other to the parents house means something.


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