Would he avoid eye contact if he's avoiding something?

He complimented me in an intimate situation and we shared eye contact, for a brief couple of seconds I was assessing how much he really meant it, maybe he sensed that as he then looked down and avoided my eye contact. This made me feel like it was insincere, would you agree?


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  • He looked down!!! That is critical. Someone who is bashful will divert their eyes down and to the side when embarrassed. Well, most people do that. If that is the case, you have it made. Some people avoid contact because they feel uncomfortable and I have noticed that with myself at times.

    • So you mean it's a sign of bashfulness, hence interest?

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    • Who knows, it'd be nice to think so.

    • Do a Google search on body language and bashful. Then you can test him and find out.

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  • He's not avoiding eye contact he is just looking at ur tits

    • Haha nice dodge πŸ˜‰ (actually that could be true lol) but I still I think it was either a twitch or avoiding eye contact lol

    • No it was ur tits

  • Nope, some just get nervous with direct eye contact. Personally direct I contact with a girl is a complete turn on. Depends on his personality mostly.

    • I know. He initiates it a lot of the time though.

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    • It's fine, he does that already lol

    • Then ask him why in the hell is he avoiding eye contact when you want him to. Don't tip-toe around it. Straight up ask.

  • Don't you get it.. what that guy wantsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Sex? Already been there...

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    • πŸ™„ never mind! I can see this is extremely helpful! Lol
      Why are you commenting again? You must be extremely bored if you have nothing constructive to offer.

    • M really sorry if you got offended.. and yes m bored.. maybe someone was with him.. he doesn't want to tell about you.. you know.. if i am with my friends or family mems and my girlfriend come incidentally there.. it becomes really difficult to have a eye contact..

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