Whats a good gift to give to a guy?

iv known him for a year now and we are more than friends but not boyfriend girlfriend yet. his bday is soon and want to gift him something small but nice with a card. but I need ideas what to get. he will be 25 and likes movies, cars, boxing, going out to see new places and traveling, wears a lot of shirts with favorite movie characters or hip hop rap songs, and likes classical movies more than modern ones. I want something small and not crazy or looks stupid or scare him but something meaningful and nice. also put it in a little box but how can I decorate it? do I put stickers? nothing?


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  • personally I'd like technology
    anything related to it
    like new phone , or headset
    or just new watch or and simple thing that he interested in

    but be careful don't buy him any clothes because maybe it doesn't fit him and he will be shy telling you that

    • he's not into technology lol

    • try to buy him anything values
      like classic watch or wallet
      if you want to buy him clothes you should take him with you to the shop and make him choose

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  • Maybe find a car show in the area that is coming up soon and gift him with tickets or a city passport that will allow him to get out and try out new places in town. Plus in both of these cases, he could extend the offer for you to tag along win-win.

    • he goes to car shows but like those in different cities, the ones where you sit and talk with friends and look at other guys cars, I don't know if thats what u meant, I don't know if those r free or not..

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  • Anything a guy would use. In most cases, guys appreciate gifts they can use not just a sentiment. If he wears accessories get him a new wallet, or belt, or watch, or shoes.

    If he's into technology get him new headphones, or a new mouse, keyboard, a portable speaker. Something simple like that.
    If it has use to him and you bought it with him in mind then what's not to love?

    • Just read the part of your OP that got cut off. If he likes cars check and see what kind of tools he has and maybe get him one he doesn't have or that is old. Such as a tire pressure gage. Or an extendable socket wrench for getting those hard to reach spark plugs under the hood. And as far as the packaging, in my opinion it really doesn't make a difference. You can't go wrong with a simple box with wrapping paper.

  • If anyone comments blowjob ignore it. I personally wouldn't want that because it's not really meaningful to me.

    • so whats a good gift then

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    • Go onto archivers. com, I believe they will have some really good examples of cards or other crafts projects you might be interested in

    • This is just my opinion, you can get him whatever you like.

  • your body

  • Dick pump plus heart stickers.


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  • I would personally get him a t shirt with his favorite characters on it and an iTunes gift card or a gift card to one of his favorite stores in a little birthday card. Nice and simple.

    As for the box, just wrap it like normal and tie it with a ribbon.


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