My friends called him a douche?

So I met this guy, (on tinder) and I know I know. But he's not looking to hookup, he is looking for a solid serious relationship. He hasn't been playing games, pays for my food, and is such a sweetie. I talk about him to my friends and they just kinda run him down without even meeting him. Like why? They're both single so maybe they are jealous? They even called him a douche (he's a country kid, so he's got a ballsack on he end of the truck; it's fucking hilarous if you ask me.) but like why... I'm so excited about this guy.. I don't know


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  • If he makes you happy then just go for it. Others opinions don't matter because they aren't going to be in the relationship. Your friends sound like they should try tinder out instead of judging others.

    • They all have tinders, and it didn't work for them. I told them to keep trying, there's a lot of dicks out there. You just have to talk to them and meet them and find out.

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  • What's wrong if he pays for your food? If you both have something looking forwards to and they can't give any solid reasons why you shouldn't, then ignore them. Who cares if their jealous or not? Otherwise, pick better friends. They sound like typical women who likes to badmouth anything that they don't like.


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  • The ball sack is douchy, LOL! You are right in that they are probably jealous or have a poor predisposition about meeting someone through Tinder and therefore automatically have written this guy off as a bad guy.

    • He's not bad, he's a hard worker, farmer... and he pays for my food. And he shares his fries with me lol. HE even drove an hour to take me on a date.

    • Sometimes you just have to ignore what people say and think.

  • Sometimes friends are overwhelmingly negative for no fucking reason.


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