Should I trust this guy?

this guy from london... im from germany... likes me a lot he added me on snap and he calls me every night... he saying he is thinking about me and he wants to see me... he wants to date me and im like.. i live in another country... and he is like doesn't matter. but he is also very sexual and makes it known he wants to sleep with me... now my dad lives in london and im visiting him soon... the guy rent a huge expensive apartment for me and i didn't even ask him... can i trust him... he is 20 and im 25 by the way but he is also very domanent like he wants too me to not show my boobs or go clubbing or talk to other guys BUT him... I don't know.. please help? he is very very handsome tho


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  • Don't trust him. This is consitant with a player. He bought you an apartment without asking first? He sees you as his fuck bucket. Definitely sleezy behavior.

  • DO NOT TRUST HIM that's how dominant and abusive relationships start


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