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I know this guy and I really like his personality and he asked me out and I have feelings for him but I declined because my dad wouldn’t approve and my friends are going to talk shit and I’ll have to lose them should I ask him out because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t moved on yet and I’m willing to get hurt if it’s by someone like him


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  • you should give really less fu*** what other people think about you. For real I also think way too much about my family and friends cause we're a religious community, but in the end I really regret it.
    If you like/love someone you should go for it. Also my break up with my biggest love ever cause she also never want to go public with me, and this hurts so much. it's your life, you can take advices from others, cause they will mean it good, but they won't live your life. only you will do that


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  • So many things wrong with this post lol. Dad doesn't approve? When has that stopped any teen do anything. Friends will dump you? Those don't sound like friends. Willing to get hurt? Might be out of context but sounds like you're preparing for the worst.

  • First of all - find new friends. Second - if you like him, go with it.

  • Worry about school not boys.

    • Im 17 and already graduated 😒

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