Men and thinking?

Ok so I got into a fight with a guy who I'm kind of dating over something that he claims reminds him of something his ex would do and it kind of made him shut down on me and I have tried getting him to talk to me but it's like he's avoiding meeting up. He replies if I text him but he won't see me, we haven't really been talking and the last thing he said was he just needs to think and I that was 5 days ago and this fight happened about 3 weeks ago. Any advice?


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  • It sounds like he may be over with you. He should at least tell you instead of leaving you hanging. If you two were going to get past this three weeks is MORE than enough time to have the lines of communication open and to have talked this out.

    What is the fight about?

    • It's so dumb i don't even wanna say 😂 like I asked him straight up to just tell me that he doesn't want to do this and I will gladly move on but he just told me he needs to think. I mean we've been friend since we were 10 and we've gone through a lot and we just started to get into a good place and then 2 months ago he decided to ask me out and then now we're already fighting. I don't know.

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