I feel like my boyfriend is afraid of me, will it work?

For the past six months I've been dating the nicest, sweetest guy but I constantly feel like maybe he's holding back a bit with me sometimes in fear of upsetting or offending me. I'm not an easy person to offend or upset and I'm very non confrontational so I have no idea why he's like this with me. Sometimes he'll say something pretty ordinary and before I get a chance to respond he'll look worried and say something like "oh I've made it awkward now haven't I" when of course he hasn't at all, or I'll ask him a pretty ordinary question etc and he'll get worried again and say he doesn't want to say the wrong thing. It's just little things like that.
I honestly feel like I have all the 'power' in this relationship and it's not very fair. I feel like I could treat him like complete shit and he would just put up with it, of course I would never do that but that's really not a healthy thing to feel and it makes me worried that if I ever do something that he has a problem with or unintentionally upset him he'll be too scared to come to me and talk about it.
I also have a pretty playful personality and enjoy light-hearted back and forth teasing with people I'm close to, I've been holding back a lot with him once I realised he would never give it back to me.
I'm planing on bringing this up with him when I next see him, but I feel like it's just going to be met with him apologising, is there hope that this will get better in time?

I feel like my boyfriend is afraid of me, will it work?
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