I feel like my boyfriend is afraid of me, will it work?

For the past six months I've been dating the nicest, sweetest guy but I constantly feel like maybe he's holding back a bit with me sometimes in fear of upsetting or offending me. I'm not an easy person to offend or upset and I'm very non confrontational so I have no idea why he's like this with me. Sometimes he'll say something pretty ordinary and before I get a chance to respond he'll look worried and say something like "oh I've made it awkward now haven't I" when of course he hasn't at all, or I'll ask him a pretty ordinary question etc and he'll get worried again and say he doesn't want to say the wrong thing. It's just little things like that.
I honestly feel like I have all the 'power' in this relationship and it's not very fair. I feel like I could treat him like complete shit and he would just put up with it, of course I would never do that but that's really not a healthy thing to feel and it makes me worried that if I ever do something that he has a problem with or unintentionally upset him he'll be too scared to come to me and talk about it.
I also have a pretty playful personality and enjoy light-hearted back and forth teasing with people I'm close to, I've been holding back a lot with him once I realised he would never give it back to me.
I'm planing on bringing this up with him when I next see him, but I feel like it's just going to be met with him apologising, is there hope that this will get better in time?


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  • Yeah, it can take a year or more for someone closed off to break out of their shell. He may have had a pussy for a dad or an aggressive mom/female upbringing and he just doesn't know any other way to act.

  • There is no hope. He may have been brainwashed into walking on eggshells and put you on a pedestal because you were born with a vagina. A lot of guys are this way, I know a guy who is just like that. He told me that when his female friend asks for an opinion on an outfit or anything, he tells her what she wants to hear because he doesn't want to upset her.

    Let me guess, the majority of your previous partners or dates were with bad boys...

    In your case, it won't be long before you are bored of this because there is no masculinity to compliment your energy. You might as well be dating one of your gfs really.


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