How do you get your crush to watch a movie with you but in your house, not at the cinema?

My crush is my classmate in my current school. 2 years ago around the end of the school year she brought her laptop to school and she and I each shared a headphone and we watched a movie in our classroom.
The next year there was sort of a museum visit for the whole class and after it ended the students went for their own homes. However in the middle of the route to her place is mine and when I stopped at it I asked her whether she wanted to come and watch a movie with me before going home. She said she didn't want to.
I am considering inviting her soon and I wonder how should I do it.
I know that some girls might be discouraged to go to a guy's place by themselves but I think I am a nice guy and generally a good person too.
There is another girl which is a childhood friend of mine and with her we used to always go to each other's all the time. She is currently in another school but we still talk to each other and she has come to watch a movie with me.
Also my crush is always playing games on her phone and usually doesn't talk a lot so I'd say she might just be shy. However, I am certainly more shy than her and there is no one as shy as me.
What do you guys/gals think?


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  • depends how well you know her , an intimate movie date at home , would typically happen when 2 people are fairly with each other and been together longer


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