I don't know what to get my boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

i am 14 years & my boyfriend is 16, he'll be turning 17 next year & i dont knw what to get him for his birthday.
i would discribe him as a person who likes music a lot, he's also a fan of 21 savage.. he does play soccer but its not what he always does.. he's the type of guy whos into hip hop he also does music but its not his proirity

We have been dating for only three months so thts mostly what i knw about him.. so guys plzz help me out bcz i need to start planning nw

everyone please comment on this *


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  • You sound like a nice women buy him a MGK rap cd or a The game cd or take him to a concert and seduce him backstage

    • thats so sweet-:
      i think thts also a nice thing to do

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  • Firstly just see if yous are together that time.. you can if you had abit of money go onto ali express and get an mp4 player. Maybe his favourite soccer team t shirt.. or just a pair of new soccer shoes. Something that he will for sure wear


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  • Maybe a t shirt for a favorite band? Or a sweater of the band. And then you got more clothes that he can borrow to you ;)

  • Why not get him a gift card for amazon music or something

    • that's also a great idea thanks

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    • his birthday is on June maybe i'll get to knw him better bcz we've just started dating

    • Thats also a good idea. You have time. No rush

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