What are your thoughts on a guy that flirts with another girl at work and doesn't tell about her to his gf?


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  • Depends on what you consider flirting and what he's actualy doing, but if he doesn't touch her in any way shape or form i wouldent be mad at my girlfriend if she did that, but if he tries something like arm tossed around the back of her neck... Fk off mate

    • But what about the "he doesn't tell about her to his girlfriend that's home for him" part?

    • He might not even consider it flirting, so its completly insignificant to him

    • He gave me his number.. Without me asking for it plus all that checking out and stuff..

      But I do agree with you that most guys who are flirting are deluded into thinking they are doing nothing bad and are good bfs..

  • A normal guy...


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