How do you get a girl if your nice?

Like I’m not a doormat and I still can’t get one


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  • Wait.

    Most girls don't want nice immediately. Most girls want a project. Someone who's a jerk, that they feel they can fix, or flaunt. Most girls like drama in a guy, because being upset about something is a lot more emotional and entertaining than constant happiness (and for many women, emotion typically comes before logic).

    Eventually those girls get tired, and realize that a guy who is not nice is way more exhausting than one that is nice. Some girls reach that point early (20's-30's) Some girls don't get to that point until they're 47, going on their 3rd divorce.

    Then there's the ones who never went through a "Bad boy" phase and never will. They usually find a sweet heart early.

    All you can do is wait.

    • How long do I wait before I say forget it

    • That's the trick.
      When you say "forget it" and don't worry about it, is usually when you stop waiting. As a result of the maturity, and additional confidence gained after you stop waiting for someone else to complete you, Someone who wants a nice guy steps in, seeing you as someone who has their life together and is the optimal mate.

      It's all a vicious loop, really.

    • But seriously I’m not a last option so by the time they have grown out of whatever phase they are going through I will have moved on with my life

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  • We kind of don't until later on. Patience pays off in the end, so I'm told. Women are notoriously into smug twats with a daredevil complex. My own mother is into one - the best of it is she'll try to justify everything about him, but at the end of it, he is still the blatant epitome of wankery that he'll always be. Sexist, ill-informed on any topic even remotely thoughtful and even just plain disrespectful to her. But that's what's hot. x) You'll find someone, just don't let that patience waver else you could end up with a twat, yourself. Often overlooked, the scenario works both ways.

    • I mean, you needn't like what I've said, but that's my take in the years I've been consistently cast aside and habe observed in others.

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  • learn how to use the word your and also nice guys are great, I am personally more attracted to nice sensitive guys. You just have to find the right girl, or be a little more competitive w the other guys to get the girl u know.

  • Guys who are nice aren’t attractive.

    Guys who are nice AND confident are VERY and UTTERLY attractive.

    Please find the difference.

  • Stop trying. It's a natural thing that flows. That, I've learnt


What Guys Said 2

  • Find your style. Dress nice, and start lifting weights/running to get bigger or smaller.

    Also you're not gonna get gurls sitting on here all day, so go to the mall or something. Not just once, a lot, and start talking to people (preferably girls)

  • Sign up to the porn industry


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