LDR (long distance relationship)?

So I'am soon to be a LDR with a girl whom is 924.5 kilometers away. Do you all have some tips. And can it work


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  • If you want it to work it can. Its the same relationship only with a few miles in between.


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  • Communicate daily, be honest, try to set up Skype dates weekly or a few times a week depending on your preference, keep them up to date with your life and try to remind each other of why you two are dating each other.

    • Yeh we haven't really gotten to the point we decided to be in one we talk daily via WhatsApp and voice messages and all. But not yet Webcam and all

    • That’s good bro, you both are making the proper steps to making your relationship feel special. Slowly but surely keep the conversations fresh between you two.

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  • I think that as long as the communication between both of you is good it will work. But once you see that its not working its better to end it at once

    • Yeh :) we only know each other for a month or 2 and flying Ai 't expensive roughly 80 euros for to go there and back

    • Have you met her in person?

    • No we haven't but we're planning to meet in Paris

  • how long have you been together up until now?

    • We are talking for roughly two months and we know we both love each other

    • well good look with that but online only rarely works out. i thought you meant you were proper lovers and she was having to move away

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