Why are women so negative about dating?

New member of the site and I don't want to start a gender war so gonna stay anon.

I've been using hinge for the past few months and have gone on about 10 dates off the app and most of the women were actually pretty cool - there usually wasn't any mutual feelings but they were ok nonetheless.

But one thing I've noticed is that almost every woman so far has complained about the dating scene, and not even just online women but female friends too. I just don't get it though, women have so many more options and freedoms nowadays so why is there so much bitterness coming out? Men get rejected a lot more than women and in all honesty I don't hear about the shitty women nearly as much from my guy friends. I mean I guess complainers do exist (mgtow, mras whatever) but it's not nearly as much as the women.

Anyways I'm not trying to start a gender war - I'm just legitimately interested in knowing why this is the case?
Why are women so negative about dating?
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