Is this a nice gift to give to a guy?

iv known him for a year now and we are more than friends but not boyfriend girlfriend yet. his bday is soon and want to gift him something small but nice with a card. but I need ideas what to get. he will be 24 and likes cars, boxing and going to car shows. would it be weird to give a gift? I want to give him tickets to a car event in a little box and bow with a diy card with boxing stickers and write something inside but what? iv never had a real relationship before but he's special to me but need ideas what to write in the card, don't want to freak him out and we are not couple.


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  • That sounds like a really nice gift. I don't think it is weird at all.

    • what shud I write inside

    • Something sweet and personal. Think with your heart and mind. Something he would find funny. Don't go too cliche but don't make it impersonal. It has to be true and identifiable as "you".

  • That's the best thing I could ever get.. wow that guy is so damn lucky to have a friend like you.

    • any ideas what to write in the card, we r more than friends cuz we have kissed many times lol

    • Tickets for 'you and him" or "him and his friends"?

    • Don't worry you guys will start dating for sure in the near future.

  • Well the gifts themselves seem very thought out. If you two are in the middle of friends and boyfriend and girlfriend then I would just let him know how you feel.


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