Why is the Friendzone a thing?

Alright, here's my first question.
Over a couple years, all my dates always ended up as a "we should stay friends" kind of state.
Why is this allowed? Does girls even know how it's a life breaker to get friendzoned?


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  • Because I don't want to date all of my male friends? I have more guy friends then girl friends and I don't want to date any of them, so if I friend zoned them so be it, I don't find them attractive and never will.
    The real question is, why are guys so hurt about being friend zoned? You never hear women bitching about it and I'm pretty sure lots of women have been friend zoned.

    • Actually, boys always show that they are interrested even as a friend, but girld tends to say no only at the very last moment, breaking any hope and dreams the guy had so far.

    • How are we supposed to know he's into us? I've told guys I'm not interested in them after they have been interested in me because I don't like them like that.
      Maybe some women are playing a game or whatever but most of us don't just want to assume the guy is into us so we can't turn him down till he asks us out or we figure out he's into us.

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