How to move on when the love of your life doesn't even like you?

Its been a month since I found out she doesn't even like me as a boyfriend and I still feel like im dying. I dont know what to do im so depressed and I've been trying to move on but she is always on my mind. This is the worst feeling I've ever had I care about her so much.


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What Girls Said 1

  • list all bad things about her and bad she done to you, focus on that
    know she is not all that great as you feel about her
    know you deserve better
    work on ysf and yr self esteem
    let her go, she was not meant for you, ther eare far better girls out there
    you may feel like its the end of the world but you will get over this and be strong again


What Guys Said 2

  • If being with her and having feelings for her makes u depressed and sad instead if happy and exciting then leave her ASAP

  • It is what it is. Its happened to all us. Just make yourself the best you possibly can and start talking to other girls.


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