Ghosting.. what causes a girl to ghost you?

Why do girls ghost you? Things seem to be going great, talking, hanging out regularly and then bam.. nothing and you never hear from them again..


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  • Usually girls become distant when there’s either someone else or if she feels you’re getting the wrong idea. In her head she may just be hanging out but if she feels you think it’s more than that she will distance herself to avoid trying to hurt you, which in most cases that doesn’t work but that’s usually what happens when she doesn’t know how to handle it, what to say or maybe she has feelings & doesn’t think you’re interested. That’s another possibility. So instead of asking & getting hurt by a possible negative response it’s easier to distance so she won’t get hurt. I’m sorry but we We are very complex & complicated


Most Helpful Guy

  • Usually I think it's when other guy she's talking to gets serious. Or if they get bored. Or if they give up.

    • I assumed they just found a better option..

    • It's a shame they don't just say it but you can't control these kinds of things

    • Agreed, to me just being honest is the respectful thing to do. Dating changed a lot in the past 8 years. When I met my ex wife smart phones didn't exist and dating was done by meeting people in person and not online. It seems the whole online scene has allowed people to become more careless with their interactions.

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  • She’s not interested.. im sorry


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  • If you're both too awkward to communicate and are waiting for each other to clear certain things up.


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