When does height become a deal breaker?

  • When the guy is only 2 inches taller
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  • When the guy is only 1 inch taller
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  • When you’re the same height
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  • When the girl is 1 inch taller
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  • When the girl is 2 inches taller
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  • Height is not a deal breaker
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  • No opinion
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think the girl should be the one to be taller than the guy. It will look like that the girl would be the guy in the relationship and guy would be thd girl since he'll be shorter. But she might as well find someone that is taller than her.

    • How tall are you?

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    • Because every girl has to walk a certain way since you have heels on, that and they hurt after walking in them for a while, you always feel like your gonna fall, sometimes you forget to bring flats to change into them later and then your just like omfgggg😣so then your stuck with them the whole time and that's when you have to prepare for the worst that your feet will suffer. And I don't need extra height on myself

Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless she is a dwarf or a telephone pole, I don't care about heights.


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