Coworker shows sign of interest and I like her but we're both shy. How do I go about this?

For a few months I've noticed one of the women at my job has had her eyes on me. She stares at me a lot and we catch a glance every now and then. We don't really talk to each other as much as we do with everyone else at work. And she blushes when i talk to her mom (also works with us). I've noticed sometimes she gets shy around me. She's at least 4-6 years older than me (im 19) but im pretty sure she has a thing for me. I want to talk to her more and become a friend or something but dont know how to go about it


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  • Well the age is a little bit too much for anything serious. I mean she is most likely to find serious relationships with someone over 30 y. o. So if you want to park your meat in her, you are to make the moves. Sometimes girls make the moves, especially more experienced ones. But they'll just put a ring and a baby on you =D. So you'd better walk with a poker face around and use condoms in any occasion.

    • I kind of feel like she might want something serious, not just because i want her to. She knows im 19 but still adrmires me in a way. She usually talks to me first and greets me sometime. But I don't know im gonna make more attempts to at least become a friend

    • Hehe dood, there's actually no friendship between a P and a V. Only an endless war =D

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