Why hasn't he said anything since?

This guy (who actually has hardly talked to me when I think about how much I talk to friends) uses my nickname that only my friends use in facebook messages
He offered to paint me one of his paintings if he had time. He's really proud of them, I think. As far as I know, he hasn't done this with anyone else.
He heart reacted to my profile picture... which he definitely hasn't done to anyone else. But he is a friendly kind of guy. Someone refers to him as her 'boyfriend' (but its a joke) and he reacts with simple 'haha's' and likes.
Anyway, recently he said that we could go to the movies if I wanted, when he wasn't working and I was free. I said it sounded fun and he said he'd make time for us.
That was a month ago, but he hasn't said anything since... Why?
+1 y
Update: I ended up messaging him, and he replied straight away. We've chatted for a few days, and he brought up the movies again. He's on holiday at the moment.
But now he's done something else to utterly confuse me. He initiated a conversation, asking me what's up. I replied, and he's read it. But he hasn't replied, despite being online multiple times throughout the day? Why?
Why hasn't he said anything since?
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