What should I do if she didn’t reply?

I met a girl on tinder on Christmas and we had a good conversation. She was from London & I’m from Singapore. I told her she was cute and she said I was cute too. We kinda end up liking each other and I asked for her Instagram so we can talk all day.

It’s been two days I texted her but then she hadn’t reply back to me. I saw her liking some pictures on Instagram. Any reasons why?


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  • Sorry but usually when girls don't respond back it's because they are not interested and I think she's hinting that, so I wouldn't message her anymore.

    • True I seek your advice :) I’m alrdy done with her as I unfollowed her

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  • Try texting her one more time, for an instance, just by sending her a funny anecdote or a hello. Maybe she forgot that you texted her. If she doesn't reply to that, she doesn't want to continue the conversation. Respect that and move on.

    • I have a feeling she might be busy I don't know..

    • Could very well be. Would explain why she hasn't replied/forgot about your message.
      That's why you can just send her a random message. A funny message often works. A girl can quickly reply to that. If she doesn't, I would sincerely suggest to move on.

    • Alright that helps, thanks again :) cheers

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  • That is a clear signal that she is just not into you man. I know it is hard, but move on mate. Besides, why go after someone who doesn't have the courtesy to reply your texts? You deserve better bro.

    • Thanks again I feel better now 😌 I’m so relieved after I unfollow her to all her social media accounts!!

  • If she doesn't reply, she doesn't like you back. Simple as that. Respect that and move on.


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