Why do I seem to feel so awkward when I've to ask someone out? I mean I'm not afraid of talking to girls. But when it comes to asking out, I can't?


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  • It's hard my friend, but you just gotta do it or you spend your life thinking "what if". Confidence is sexy but it doesn't have to be real. Fake it till you make it, and you'll grow more confident when you realise it's not so scary. Start a bit smaller, ask a lady at a bar if you can buy her a drink, what's the worst that happens? A stranger says no? That's fine, move on.

  • Because you expose your self, and if they say no, you are hurt

  • Because talking normally usually has low risk to no consequence as where “asking out” can end in rejection or worse!!! And it’s those thoughts that linger in the back of your mind 🤔


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