Is he emotionally unavailable or just not into me?

I have been chatting to this guy on an online dating app for about a week. He has asked me to meet up with him next week, however, I feel like he has been a bit vague about it. I feel a bit uncomfortable as well because he has asked me to go on a trip with him 3 times already in which I have declined them ( we have never met in real life before) So after asking me to " hang out " with him next week, he hasn't set a date, time or place. It's been 3 days and I'm the type who plans my week ahead so I asked him in a light hearted way for an update. He responded straight away, proposing 2 different days. I picked one and a time. He agreed but then didn't propose a place for our supposedly first date next Thursday. I feel like I'm doing the work for him. Not sure if he's not actually into me or that he is terrible at planning. I'm 26 and he's 32. Also, he's mentioned that he works a lot. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Emotionally unavailable
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Is he emotionally unavailable or just not into me?
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