Girls, What is it with single women in my area?

I am on 2 dating apps (Tinder and Bumble). there is absolutely no response whatsoever in my home town but if I cross the state line they practically crash. But I don't want to have to go hundreds of miles for a date.

It isn't just me, all my male friends have the same problem. We went on a road trip and our phones wouldn't stop pinging till we got back home, then they died. Yet according to the internet we have one of the highest ratios of single women to men here. What is going on?


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  • Perhaps legal issues due to state legislation?

    • shouldn't think so. We're all in our thirties or forties. Is it illegal for women to swipe right in some states?

    • Well, it's illegal to do so with the arm in Germany in public... :D

      The fact that it happens right as the state border is crossed is what makes me suspicious. Maybe the app just doesn't operate there for some reason.

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