Is he playing me?

So this guy added me on snapchat like a year and a half ago. We never really talked until the beginning of October. We've texted/snapped close to everyday since then. We have a lot in common. Like the same kind of music, have the same hobbies, etc. In the middle of November he invited me over to his house. We talked/watched a movie. He invited me to cuddle but I just scooted closer to him because he was still so new. Two weeks after, I invited him over to my house. We talked/watched movies until 2am. I told him he could just stay the night because it was so late. He did, and I let him sleep in the guest bedroom. I went to bed in my room. I texted him "let me know if you need anything", and he replied with "yeah, you (;". So we cuddled all night & he kissed me a few times. I didn't feel like he wanted me to go farther than that. 2 weeks or so later, same thing.. we hung out and he stayed the night. He kissed me a little more this time, but again, I didn't feel pressured to go farther than that. He held my hand as we cuddled too. He calls me beautiful/cute over text/snapchat. We hung out almost for the fourth time almost 2 weeks ago. We both have busy schedules so we really only have time to hang on Saturday nights. We hung out, watched movies, played games. He stayed the night again. We cuddled again and things went a little farther than kissing. Things just felt right & I felt comfortable... I ended up giving him a bj. Now he invited me to go with him and his friends on an ice fishing trip this weekend. It's like 6 hours away and we will have to share a bed and stuff. Do you think he sees potential in me? or does it sound like he's playing me? Lately we've been texting/snapchatting constantly. I really like him but I'm scared to fall for him incase he is playing me. He is kind of shy so he's hard to read.
Is he playing me?
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