How did you know your SO was cheating?

I have a feeling he is, when I confronted him he got super mad and said NO! And walked away


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  • A change in demeanor. A loss of attention. A new guy friend who she says they are just friends. It is never the case

    • He won’t even kiss me anymore. If he does it’s just on the cheek

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    • I know he gets stressed out at work which is fine but like- he won’t say I love you unless I say it first which hurts sometimes. My birthday is tomorrow and he says he’s got something big planned but I’m not expecting too much... I kinda feel like he’s just going to cancel if bc he’s too tiered.

    • You may have to wait and see.

  • What evidence do you have he's cheating?

    • Hiding his phone, being distant, always on his phone, constantly talking about another girl to me, hardly looks at me anymore, doesn’t want sex

    • If he's hiding his phone, he is being shady. Find the phone, unlock it, discover the truth

    • He grabs it from me everytime I have it in my hands. This morning I tried to take a photo of me ( cause he never does ) and he grabbed it from me right away.

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  • I didn't know until a friend broke the news to me. I confirmed it with the other woman and then I broke it off with him right there and then. Didn't give him the chance to deny it. I am done!


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