He calls/texts when he is drunk?

I have been talking to this guy for about 3 years.. on and off. We use to really bond and talk like every day.. until he met a girl. When he met her, he got serious for a while. But then he kept calling me and texting me. We got back on the friendship train and we had an sexual encounter... he tells me if I am willing to be with him, that he will leave his girl for me.. I pay no mind. Recently we completely stopped talking. On Christmas Day he called me at 3 am and text me asking where I was at, and what was I doing.. it was a good friendship that we had, we had a randevou only 6 times... but the friendship outweighs the sex. In my opinion.. but guys why would you call /text a girl when you are drunk?


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  • Dude he is just wanting sex no more than that. It's really pretty simple


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