The heavier the makeup the more attention sought; agree?


I think that if a girl goes heavy makeup she has no intentions of ever actually being with a guy because she has no intention of a guy ever seeing her morning face so she is only into attention.

But, the girl that minimizes makeup has much more intentions of follow through to a relationship with a guy because she must be more concerned with him seeing the no make up version.

?The heavier the makeup the more attention sought; agree?
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  • I don't think that if girls wear makeup, it means that they're less invested in their relationship or potential relationship. I'd say it just means they're not as comfortable with their appearance and care about what others think very much. That and they also want more attention regardless of who it's coming from.


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  • Makeup is a form of art. It is only skin deep, I do not understand how so many men believe that wearing makeup makes you a lier. Plus I don't know about everyone else but when I wear makeup I wear full face because if I just wear eye makeup the rest looks unfinished. Plus if guys weren't such jerks when I don't wear makeup then I wouldn't feel the need to wear such heavy makeup. That and im required by contract to wear it.

  • ok woah, chill dude. if you think this is how all girls are, you're quite wrong. this isn't the way to think. maybe girls wear more makeup just because they want to for themselves, maybe for more attention, I don't know it doesn't matter.

    just bc a girl wears a lot of makeup DOES NOT MEAN she is uncomfortable with a guy seeing her no-makeup face. and frankly, that's rude that you think that.

  • Depends on the person and how their makeup was done but cake face is usually not the best.

  • Makeup is in art form don’t get me wrong some girls do want the attention but that’s a minority of girls so chill my guy and some girls feel good with it don’t judge


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