What would you do if you found out they were dying?

So here’s the scenario: you break up with your ex because you want to be alone and aren’t ready to be committed even though you dated them for two years. You still really care about them and have feelings. They do something to piss you off and you tell them to leave you alone. They do, but you still care and watch out for them over Snapchat and instagram by watching their stories and liking their posts... then they text you to say bad stuff has happened. You find out they have been having occasional heart attacks since your break up and is not well... I want to be there for them and I’m worried... what should I do? What would you do?


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  • i would support her to the bests of my abilities but let her know you're not open for a relationship

    • Even if I still have feelings for her but just feel like I should be alone? I feel guilty

    • if you still truly love her then go for it ma dude it'll make both of you happy. but if you fell like you should be alone then tell her to give it a little space and take things slow

    • Ok. I can do that

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