Any Advice that can help me?

Okay so I'm in love with my ideal guy!
But my past keeps haunting me
i got Away from my abuser but the problem is what he done still haunts me to this day I almost OD over his abuse. He broke my arm and pinned me to the couch while he clamped his hand over his mouth.

i don't want to write everything he done to me as it's horrible
I always try to keep my guy happy so the past won't repeat itself.
But im so scared and meek now
if we argue I get passive and just agree with him

I've told my guy what happened and he says he will never hurt me. It would kill him to know he ever hurt me but my abusers past actions keeps me from ever being happy. I'm scared he is going to find me or he is going to find my guy on Facebook and tell him lies or annoy him.
Has anyone had a history of abuse and how did you get over it


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  • If your new guy really knows you and loves you he won't believe shit from the fake ass abusing ex boyfriend if anything. He might ask the ex to meet him and teach him a lesson or two for hitting you.


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  • Talk talk talk. Maybe a PTSD group or a good therapist.

  • Therapy?

  • I'm an abuser


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