HONEST and BLUNT answers, should I move on completely? Did I do anything wrong?

LONG story short the pastor and I have been showing interest in each other for the past 4 months. And one day he spontaneously asked me out to eat that night, but I already had plans so had to take a rain check... So fast forward to NOW, we still randomly see each other around and are casual friendly. So we planned on meeting up last Friday, but he never really confirmed it so I made other plans... So LAST minute Friday he texted me asking if I wanted to go out... So I was like " I have plans tonight, but I'm free tomorrow", but he wasn't free then... So he was like "we can try another time". So I was like " yeah definitely, I'm out of town until Monday morning, so I'm available again near Monday evening" And he didn't even text me back.(Mind you he HAS been on social media) I really did make an effort to use my raincheck and re-meet...


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  • Give it one more shot. Then let the chips fall


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  • Can't hurt to try one more time, after that let him try connect with you


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