Do physically weak guys even stand a chance in dating?

I was always kinda weak and I remember it as early as 5. th grade. Well i mean not strong but not a complete weakling either. Strength has never been my advantage. When comparing strengths I am stronger than maybe 40% of all guys I know and weaker than 60% of all guys I know. And in sports I can only reach the bare minimum required amount of exercises when it comes to strength (push ups, pulling myself up in a pole, muscle related training) in order to pass a "satisfied" rating but I have no issues in endurance training such as running nonstop, jumping with a skipping rope or swimming, where I get rated "excellent". I was told, that my chest muscles in my body are stronger than my arms by my sports instructor. I am kind of thinking, that strength just isn't in my genes.

And it's not like I can't carry around 15 kilograms of big water bottles.

Do kinda weak guys even stand a chance in dating or should I forget about dating altogether until I somehow manage to get physically strong enough? I am not short.
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  • Strength won’t really matter unless you would try to lift me up as I’m very heavy. But generally it won’t make a difference, especially as I’m more of a face person myself and that is what I look at. Some girls care some don’t do you just have to find the right one


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  • Why don’t you strength train?

    • I come from a lengthy past where i starved during my teens and it left me as weak as i am now. Rarely my bones hurt for no reason. It left me kind of temporarily disabled. And my spine was hurting the most.
      I don't know if i can get improved. I'm no longer starving anymore now.

    • I think you can; drink more milk or take some calcium

    • I'm more like a water drinker. I got enough calcium.

  • Yes - weak guys can still date


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