Friend Conundrum?

So I had this friend he didn't like my girlfriend, she has this friend doesn't like me... guess What? They in a relationship too. Anyway I realized I didn't like him talking bad about my girlfriend so I just broke our friendship off. Now she doesn't want to leave his girlfriend. Which has it's own set of issues - she is very insecure, erratic, spiteful, selfish. I find my girlfriend is now starting to adapt the same personality traits as she spends so much time with this girl
The issue is she is a drugger, she arrives at work late, she has literally dropped my girlfriend as a friend 3 x since we dated for a year. She just finds other people to hang out with or she's with her boyfriend or she's broken up with him sleeping with someone else telling them about him and then sleeping with him. She is a problem which needs to go now. My girlfriend is amazing she deserves good friends which bring her up and this girl is changing my chicks personality. It's sortof annoying me she's started lying then I catch her out. I'm just tired of dating my gf's friend (basically she adopts her personality somehow. ) ladies what is your advice? I don't want my girlfriend doing drugs either she already has done with them. I would never force her friends away but my girlfriend has become spiteful, selfish and it's a direct cause of this chick


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  • Talk to your girlfriend about it, in detail. Tell her that she isn't good for her to hang out with. You might have to get to the point where it's either she stops hanging out with that girl, or you're done. She's changing because of that girl and she is going to get to the point where she's too different and it's not going to work anymore between the two of you.

    • I did but she tries to back this chick up or justify their friendship and she's had some lovely friends I'm way older than her so it makes me. feel. like she's way immature

    • Well since tough are way older than her she might be too immature for you, especially if she is choosing someone that does things like you described. Maybe you need a break from each other or to just end it altogether.

    • Yeah maybe you right. She was the one that really was into me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings she would smile whenever I saw her and it was so cute.

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  • Find out if this pile of shit has drugs on her or in her home. Tip off the police and they'll take care of the problem for you. I've turned hypes in lots of times, it's funny as hell when the cops pick them up.

    • Yeah she's f***ing her life up now my chicks. My lady organized her a job at her work and she got. there and didn't even. talk to. her. She has changed my girlfriend so much I told her either she goes or I go

    • You're girlfriend seems like she's caught up in some kind of mother Teresa complex , that leads no where good. It's moral vanity and self destructive.

    • Yeah she is too immature for me. I dated older woman - they wanted marriage or children. I married people my age. They made me feel old. I go out with someone younger they are more active and lively. She just has the wrong friends and I've warned her against that. Friends have much more influence over a person's life than we realise.

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  • She's a grown ass woman. If she makes these stupid decisions, it's on her, not her friend. See the faults in your girl as well.

    • I didn't say what she did wasn't her fault she promised me she would stop. seeing this chick. She's 5hour car drive from me. She was so. preoccupied with family yesterday then I heard from her boyfriend they sleeping over at. a. camping area on the beach. I said to her even if she's doing something I encourage it just be honest with me. She can't say no and I. don't want her to become a cocaine addict

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