Is this guy cheap or am I overthinking this?

I haven't met this guy yet but he seems cheap already. My friend set me up with her family friend's son, and we exchanged emails for 1.5 months (I was living in a different city at the time but just moved back). The 1st sign was, I asked if he'd seen any good movies lately. He replied, can't remember the last time I went to the theaters, movies are too expensive for me. personally I love going to movies once in awhile so that didn't sit well with me. Then when I moved back he said, let's meet up at Starbucks. I've been on plenty of coffee 1st dates but usually through online dating, plus i thought it was more used to weed out crazy people? In this case we have a mutual friend, and our moms have actually met before. I know he has a stable job as an engineer too. Is this a sign he's being cheap?
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I was right, we ended up meeting at a cafe for coffee Saturday at lunchtime. All he ordered was coffee and around noon when I suggested maybe ordering food he said he ate already and didn't offer to get anything for me. I sat there starving for 1.5 hours :(
Is this guy cheap or am I overthinking this?
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